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Septic Systems

Keenan Excavating Co. has been helping homeowners and contractors repair and update septic systems through hundreds of projects, no matter the conditions. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to take care of all aspects of septic systems, leach fields, and sewer lines – new, repairs and replacements.

Septic Systems & Leach fields
We want you to have a long-lasting, dependable and worry-free septic system! Septic systems are multifaceted, dependent on soil conditions, terrain, placement and building factors. We have experience installing and repairing systems of all types, from the conventional to the complex, and we are known for our outstanding problem-solving skills and attention to detail. We can get your new system up and running quickly, and make the necessary repairs so your existing system is hassle-free again.

Keenan Excavating can handle whatever attention your septic system or leach field requires. And we will put your lawn and property back to as close to the condition as we found it in (or better)!

Residential, Commercial & Municipality Services Include:

  • New Septic Systems & Replacement
  • Leach Fields
  • Drain Lines & Piping
  • Manholes